How the next generation of college classrooms gives students an edge

What do you remember about college classrooms? A single wall of chalkboards? A stuffy auditorium with a lone podium? With technological innovation come changes in design, equipment and even teaching and learning styles. Texas Christian University is leading the charge with the innovative Rees-Jones Hall — a technology-rich location that leads to collaborative learning and… Read more »

An Iran-born Texas professor teaches the ‘why’ of ISIS

As the 2016 presidential election approaches, relations between the United States and the Middle East have become a source for heated debates — not only among candidates but around American dinner tables. How the next president approaches this tumultuous region, particularly with the rise of ISIS, will have great impact at home and abroad, according… Read more »

How big data is shaping the way business does business

Do you use a smartphone? How about social media? Or a search engine? If you’re like most, the answer to each is: of course. But do you realize just how much data is collected from those everyday activities? Add that to the fact that things like refrigerators and cars can now also record users’ habits… Read more »

New nanomedicines offer small solutions to the big problem of cancer

From studies about what causes it to personal stories of friends and family battling it — cancer is a disease we all think about. Treatments are often harsh and sometimes as destructive as the cancer itself. The financial impact can match the emotional one, as treatments can last years and cost thousands. But some researchers… Read more »

A Texas professor is taking on the fight to save the African Rhino

The killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe last year garnered worldwide media attention, but its death is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the tens of thousands of animals felled by poaching each year. However, a challenger to the global issue is emerging in Fort Worth, where a Texas Christian… Read more »

Modern cyber security: How you can protect yourself when buying online

An end of the month bank statement can hold an unpleasant surprise: unauthorized charges stemming from a hacked or stolen card number. “Identity theft is big business,” said Michael Bachmann, an associate professor of criminal justice at Texas Christian University. “We are facing a thriving global online shadow economy with highly organized structures and roles… Read more »