Sam Moseley

  • English Language Arts
  • ESL Education
  • Class of 2015
Fort Worth, TX
Career Goal:
High School Teacher

Inspiring At-Risk Youth in the Classroom

When Sam Moseley started his TCU degree, he hoped eventually to enter the ministry. Now, the College of Education grad plans to pursue a career in teaching English in an underserved urban high school.

Sam is a dreamer.

For Sam Moseley, attending TCU is a family tradition. He grew up just 10 minutes away from campus, and he fondly remembers the Horned Frog football games of his childhood.

“I have always wanted to go to TCU,” says Sam. “I’ve had several family members who went here, and my mom went here. I have a sister who graduated from TCU a couple of years ago, so we were here at the same time, which was fun.”

Sam, who graduated in May 2015 with a degree in secondary education, originally had aspirations of attending seminary school. He has family members who are educators, and he thought an undergraduate degree in education would help prepare him for eventually moving into ministry.

“I knew that I loved working with youth,” Sam explains. “It’s always been a passion of mine.”


Sam recently completed a summer internship with the Memphis Teacher Residency. He was one of about 20 college students who participated in the five-week camp for kindergarten through third-graders in Memphis. The camp was established to help prevent learning regression in children from high-needs urban schools in the area.

“I was a reading teacher for third-graders,” says Sam. “Through the camp, I realized that education is my passion and that, specifically, urban education is where I want to focus and what I want to do.”

Sam is also proud of the work he has done as a recipient of the Dr. Martha Hackley Salmon Teacher Scholar Apprenticeship. He is currently creating a website to improve interaction among middle and secondary education students at TCU.

“I built this website in hopes of giving students a space to stay informed, grow professionally and interact with one another, as well as to hear each others’ thoughts on different issues in education,” explains Sam. “I’m getting a team together to help maintain the website and make it something that’s sustainable and can evolve over time.”

After graduation, Sam has plans to marry his college sweetheart, a student in TCU’s nursing program. The couple hopes to make their home in Fort Worth for the foreseeable future, and Sam is planning on teaching English at an urban high school in the area.

“One of the most unique things about TCU in comparison to other universities is that it allows for a lot of faculty-student interaction,” says Sam. “That’s been one of the biggest factors in why I think I’ve grown to love education so much and why I feel like I’ve been able to grow professionally. My relationships with my professors have given me a good model for how I would like to interact with my students and be a resource for them.”