Jan Lacina

Fighting on the Front Lines of Literacy

Professor of Literacy and Associate Dean of Graduate Studies

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Jan teaches adolescents to love literacy by developing programs that are both educational and exciting.

A former elementary school teacher, Jan Lacina decided to transition her passion for promoting literacy into the sphere of higher education. She has served as editor for numerous journals and is presently co-editor for The Reading Teacher with Dr. Robin Griffith. Through her work with the Center for Public Education and the TCU Writing Camp, she’s fighting to teach kids to embrace reading and writing.

Jan is a trailblazer.

“Even adolescents who struggle with reading and writing can be taught to love those experiences,” Jan says.

She knows this because she’s seen it happen firsthand.

“Watching children discover the magic of literacy inspires both my teaching and my research.”

Jan is an instrumental voice in the College of Education’s Center for Public Education, an innovative organization that seeks to understand the diversity and complexity of public education by studying, supporting and strengthening the field.

The Center fosters relationships with local schools and districts to host events and workshops that enrich the lives and education of students.

One of those events is the TCU Writing Camp, which Jan and her students plan and teach each year.

Designed for students who are at risk of failing state-mandated tests, the camp invites local high school students to the TCU campus to sharpen their writing, reading and critical thinking skills.

“The high school students benefit from this experience since it provides intensive, small-group teaching by TCU students,” says Jan. “And the experience also helps our future teachers better understand urban school context and the importance of service to our community.”