Garrett Adair

  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Class of 2016
Career Goal:
Co-founder of VitiFive

A Passion for Business

Garrett Adair and Nik Hall are passionate about entrepreneurship. Under the mentorship of professor Michael Sherrod, the William M. Dickey Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Neeley School of Business, Garrett and Nik are embarking on their entrepreneurial journey to start their own company.

Garrett  is a doer.

“Being a doer means accomplishing your goals no matter what gets in your way. You might not get everything right the first time, but at least you are accomplishing something,” Garrett, a senior entrepreneurship management major, said.

Garrett is proud to be starting a new business with his TCU classmate Nik Hall. The two are working on startup plans for VitiFive gummy vitamins, customized to each customer and delivered to their door month after month. Already their business plan has won several cash awards which they are using to support its launch.

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“My goal since I was young is to start a business and grow it to become successfully sustainable,” Nik, a senior entrepreneurial management major, said. “I want to be an entrepreneur for two reasons: freedom and respect. In the free market there is always room for growth and improvement. As an entrepreneur, the freedom and ROI depends on your strategy and how hard you work. I want the freedom to be the best I can be and earn the respect of my family, friends, employees and community for building and running a successful, meaningful business that can make a difference in as many lives as possible.”

A successful entrepreneur himself, Michael is mentoring Garrett and Nik based on his own experience and his belief in following your dreams.

“Dreams are the mental blueprints I use to visualize the future as I want it to unfold,” Michael said. “I dream of optimal outcomes and then work from that blueprint. This holds true for any endeavor, from starting and running a company, to leading, to teaching. Dreams are the reason the world changes for the better. Big dreams give you the opportunity to make your own unique path through the world.”​