Bob Schieffer

A Trusted Name in the News for Over Half a Century

Emmy Award winning political commentator and TV host for CBS News
Journalism, Class of 1959

For more than fifty years, Bob Schieffer has delivered the news. From sitting behind the most famous news desks in the industry to interviewing every American president since Richard Nixon, Schieffer has become one of the most recognizable and respected journalists working today.

Bob Schieffer is a trailblazer.

Schieffer started his career while still a student at TCU when he got a full time job at a local radio station where he worked until he graduated. That led to a job at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where he was the first reporter from a Texas newspaper to report from Vietnam. He made the switch to television in 1966 when he joined Channel Five in Fort Worth and in 1969 joined CBS News in Washington. He is now the chief Washington correspondent for CBS News and the anchor for the network’s Sunday morning broadcast, “Face the Nation.”

He has received virtually every award in broadcast journalism, including eight Emmys, the overseas Press Club Award, the Paul White Award (presented by the TV News Director’s Association), the National Association of Broadcasters highest award, the Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award and the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence, to name a few.

He was also inducted into the National Academy of Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame and named a living legend by the Library of Congress in 2008.

schieffer symposium on the news

The Schieffer Symposium on the News
Schieffer has maintained strong ties to TCU. A native Texan, he graduated from TCU in 1959 and in 2005, the University named its journalism school in his honor.

“When they first named it the Schieffer School, I wanted to do something special,” Schieffer told the Dallas Morning News. “So I got Tom Brokaw, Bob Woodward, Jim Lehrer and Jim’s wife, Kate, and we had this little chat sitting out there on the stage. People liked it so much, they said, ‘Why don’t you do this again?’”

And that was how the annual Schieffer Symposium on the News was born. Since 2005, Schieffer has assembled an elite cadre of journalists together on the TCU campus to discuss the most important issues of the day. Notable past panelists include Maureen Dowd, Tim Russert, Scott Pelley and Jane Pauley, to name a few.

The Bob Schieffer College of Communication
In 2014, TCU named the entire college of communication in Schieffer’s honor – the Bob Schieffer College of Communication. The College contains the Department of Film, Television and Digital Media, the Department of Communications Studies, the School of Journalism, and the School of Strategic Communication.

bob schieffer memorabilia tcu

“I am deeply honored, because this is a terrific vote of confidence and recognition from the Board and the TCU leadership of the great things that have been happening in the college,” said Schieffer in an interview with TCU Magazine.

“We have moved to a new level in nearly every program,” he added. “TCU360, the school’s digital website, has become the place to find news about TCU and is already winning awards — some of them in competition with professional news organizations. And the new state-of-the-art television studio and newsroom are showplaces that have become popular stops on the campus tour for all students — not just those interested in communications careers. I couldn’t be prouder as we try to be the best communications school in the country.”

Schieffer and TCU in Washington
Schieffer’s partnership with the University extends the Fort Worth campus. Thanks to his efforts, TCU has developed The Schieffer School in Washington, a program that brings TCU students to the nation’s capital to intern at leading news and communications organizations. The “study domestic” program has become a model for journalism schools across the country.

Schieffer has also helped launch other important initiatives, like the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) TCU Schieffer Series, a monthly set of discussions held at CSIS headquarters in Washington and hosted by Schieffer. The program is a partnership between TCU and CSIS and covers topics such as national security, foreign policy and global challenges.

“Bob Schieffer is the best journalist in the business,” said H. Andrew Schwartz, vice president for external relations at CSIS, in an interview with TCU Magazine. “Not just the best electronic journalist in the business — the best journalist in the business. There’s nobody who is so universally respected.”